Mindfulness Courses in Cork

I offer Mindfulness Courses in Cork but, what is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply using your attention to observe and accept what is happening in the present moment. Being mindful often begins with your breath, acting as an anchor through which you begin to take active notice, without judgement in your experience as it unfolds from moment to moment. This is the essence of what I teach at the Mindfulness Courses in Cork that I provide.

Why practice Mindfulness?

Inviting mindful awareness into your life will help to bring you into contact with this moment, rather than ruminating about past regrets or future fears. It fosters a gentle movement towards a place where you are truly living and where your life and all your resources actually are; right here, right now. Regular mindfulness creates space so you respond to life rather than continuously react to situations. It slows your active, negative thought patterns and forms a basis for you to begin embracing your life in ways you cannot even imagine.

If this is a practice you would like to develop for yourself then I can help you achieve this. I teach mindfulness to individuals and groups in a variety of settings. If you have any specific needs, contact me and together we will discover what works best for you.


“Three kids and a husband means a crazy house, but now I have my time, my space, which has been a god-send. Thank you so much” (Teresa, 53yrs)

I offer one-to-one guidance on your journey to bring presence into your day. I offer a unique six-session programme of teaching which will help you to foster a formal mindful practice. You will be provided with resources and recording to help you practice from week to week.  This is a special way to gift yourself this wonderful practice. Are you worth it?


Mindful Schools Project

“I feel so relaxed and that I can take on the world” (Bethany, 16yrs)

I currently work with a wide number of secondary schools across Cork city and County in introducing and developing mindfulness into the lives of young people and the staff who care for them. I offer introduction sessions on Mindful practices to help students manage stress and anxiety, particularly leading up to exams. These sessions give them quick, easy and practical ways in which to bring awareness to and reduce their levels of stress while going about their day.

Mindfulness at Work

“I am beginning to be more focussed in what I do and find, and this is crazy, that I do more. Where has this been all my life. I even go home smiling.” (Employee, 33yrs)

I offer an Introduction to Mindfulness session to businesses (small and large). Learning to slow down, ground themselves and bring practical stress-less practices into their lives has been proven to create a more productive, motivated and happy workforce; and these people create immense value for the companies they work for. People are also much more successful and fulfilled in the workplace if they can manage their stress, remain objective and show compassion to themselves and others.

Mindfulness Courses

“So cool, so easy. Can’t wait to start using this when my head is wrecked” (Thomas, 15yrs)

I run a six-week ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ Course.  Subscribe to my page for notification of my next course. Early booking is advised.

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